Bitcoin Lightning Network Server is a reliable, volume, well-protected, lightning network  

We use tools to balance our channels. Our server is installed in a server  
room with good air conditioning and backup power. This makes us a great  
routing node.We guarantee uninterrupted work time.

Open the channel on us and get all the benefits of a lightning network!
Lightning Network is the second layer of the payment protocol that runs on top of  
Bitcoin. This allows instant and cheap off-chain transactions between participating  
To use the Lightning network, each end user must be connected to node ones who  
have a greater bandwidth and are connected to the maximum number of other nodes.  
This ensures the availability of network paths for each Bitcoin payment.
To contact the server administrator you can send an email:
Information about the node:
Public key:   03369be10d4a62551fc13dbc15c2c586104482814315f7becfa5cd7499a3e69e9d